We are a national organisation of Australian medical practitioners, committed to attaining a legal choice for rational adults with intolerable suffering, for which there is no realistic chance of cure or relief, who wish to end their lives at a time of their choosing and in the presence of those whom they choose. Assistance may be by doctor prescription of medication for personal consumption, or by doctor administration.   


Westen Australia

> The Western Australian Minister for Health has established a Ministerial Expert Panel to advise on key issues for Voluntary Assisted Dying Legislation.  Submissiona are invited Here

 > The Western Australian Government has issued a Public Consultation into Voluntary Assisted Dying.  See Here

MY LIFE, MY CHOICE The Report of the Joint Select Committee on End of Life Choices was released in August 2018. It recommended the introduction of a voluntaery assisted dying law in WA.  See Here

> The West Australian Government has issued a Media Release confirming its intention to legalise voluntary assisted dying. See Here


> The Queensland Parliament has released the terms of an Inquiry into End of Life Choices. See Here

> The Submission from Doctors for Assisted Dying Choice can be seen at About us tab - Letters from Doctors for Assisted Dying Choice



 NOTE The book created by Andrew Denton's Group Go Gentle Australia is online at The Damage Done